Antibiotic Stewardship Solutions

Our goal is to save your community time with antibiotic stewardship and make you more efficient so that you can focus on what is more important, quality of life. Here are some benefits of utilizing

  • Proactive approach to antibiotic reduction
  • Utilizes SBAR formats
  • Real time tracking
  • Simple report generation
  • CMS regulation cognoscente
  • Follows HIPAA standards
  • Reduces infection control nursing time
  • Instills a true antibiotic stewardship program
  • Novel real time electronic mapping of infections on your facility map (patent pending)
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Saving your staff time and frustration-Resistance Tracking

Keeping up on antibiotic tracking and infection control is time consuming for administration. Most antibiotic tracking programs seem to be retrospective requiring administration to sift through chart after chart which is tedious and not efficient. That is where can save your facility time and money. Our system allows any staff member to input antibiotic data and patient signs and symptoms in real time so that retrospective collection of this data is not needed. It also allows for generation of essential quality assurance reports at any time so that being ready for a quality assurance meeting can happen on the fly. Click here for a list of Sample Reports.

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Saving Staff Time

"What took the IPCO nurse 15 minutes to do prior to abxtracker is now taking 1-2 minutes."

Steph, DON, Guardian Angels, Hibbing MN

Efficient and User Friendly

"Abxtracker offers a perfect solution for LTC facilities to appropriately and efficiently monitor antibiotic use and outcomes with a click of a button."

Angela, DON, Aftenro, Duluth MN

Survey Tested

"Surveyors loved the capabilities and reporting."

Lori, DON, Sunnyside Care Center, Lake Park, MN


Long-term Care Honor Roll: Minnesota Antibiotic Stewardship. GOLD AWARD

"Highlighted Antibiotic Stewardship Action: Guardian Angels Health and Rehabilitation Center is piloting a series of SBAR forms created by their consultant pharmacist for use in a new electronic tracking system called abxtracker."

Curious on how it works? View these videos below!

Creating an SBAR and Patent Pending Doppler Mapping (test data only)

Continuous Tracking Solutions

CMS has come to expect more and more in terms of facilities complying with antibiotic stewardship programs. We know that proper tracking can take a lot of time, can be expensive, and put stress on administration. This time and money is better spent on more patient focused activities to improve quality of life. That is why is simply the best tracking solution for every skilled nursing facility--it saves your facility time and money.

Benefits to your facility:

  1. Real time tracking
  2. Proactive approach to reducing inappropriate antibiotic prescribing
  3. Simple report generation
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If you're ready to save your nursing community time and money while maintaining appropriate antibiotic use, we're here to help.