Below are the reports the system will be generating:

  1. # and list of (oral, IV, IM) antibiotics used within the facility per a date range
  2. # of antibiotics used per diagnosis per date range selected by the facility
  3. Infection rate per date range selected by the facility,
  4. # of infections that did not meet the criteria but an antibiotic was still prescribed
  5. List of providers who wrote for an antibiotic but criteria was not met for an infection
  6. List of prophylactic antibiotics per date range
  7. List of topical, ear, and eye antibiotics used per date range selected by administrator
  8. Antibiotic time out report. Recommend staff runs on a daily basis to assess which antibiotics need to be reassessed within the facility
  9. Consultant Pharmacist Review Report
  10. Map of facility infections.  Gives visual of facility infections.
  11. Potential re-occurring infections
  12. MDRO (multi-drug resistance organisms)- list of sensitivity reports submitted with resistant bugs.
  13. Facility antibiogram- list of bacteria within the facility and its susceptibility to antibiotics. To be used in the future to tailor antibiotic use to the facility.
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