From Antibiotic Stewardship Tracking to Infection Control Surveillance- we listen

Expanding from an antibiotic stewardship focus to an infection control software tracking program. Listening to our customers, that is  Here are some benefits of utilizing the software: 

  • Proactive approach to antibiotic reduction
  • Utilizes SBAR formats
  • Real time tracking
  • Simple report generation
  • CMS regulation cognoscente
  • Follows HIPAA standards
  • Reduces infection control nursing time
  • Instills a true antibiotic stewardship program
  • Novel real time electronic mapping of infections on your facility map (patent pending)

Ready to get started?

Infection control trends found in real time- doppler mapping

Find trends fast on your own facility map! Our patent pending mapping technology can help your SNF identify a trend happening in real time giving you time to implement precautions to reduce the chance of spreading the infection.

We’ve implemented the capability to track:

  1. Antivirals
  2. Antifungals
  3. Influenza
  4. GI/Norovirus
  5. Staff Illnesses


Saving Staff  Time 

“What took the IPCO nurse 15 minutes to do prior to abxtracker is now taking 1-2 minutes.”

Steph, DON, Guardian Angels, Hibbing MN

Long-term Care Honor Roll: Minnesota Antibiotic Stewardship. GOLD AWARD

“Highlighted Antibiotic Stewardship Action: Guardian Angels Health and Rehabilitation Center is piloting a series of SBAR forms created by their consultant pharmacist for use in a new electronic tracking system called abxtracker.”

Efficient and User Friendly

“Abxtracker offers a perfect solution for LTC facilities to appropriately and efficiently monitor antibiotic use and outcomes with a click of a button.”

Angela, DON, Aftenro, Duluth MN

Stress Free Surveys

“Everything went GREAT, they

LOVED abxtracker!

This was hands down the

best survey I had dealing with infections.” 

Mandi, IPCO Nurse at Knute-Nelson, Alexandria  MN

Surveyor Tested

“Surveyors loved

the capabilities

and reporting.”

Lori, DON, Sunnyside Care Center, Lake Park, MN

Check out some of the ways can help your community- see these videos!

Curious on how it works? Sample SBAR generated below.