A meaningful solution to infection tracking and trending and a powerful outbreak management tool. 

  • Solution for Projected ALF MN State Statutes (Chapter 144A)
  • Meets full regulatory compliance for CMS and state guidelines
  • Real time infection tracking and trending to prevent the spread of infections and improve length of stay
  • Let residents, families, providers and prospects know that infection control is a priority with your communities use of abxtracker
  • Electronic SBAR generation using McGeer Criteria for better clinical assessment
  • User friendly and built in EMR automation to save nursing documentation time
  • Sensitivity reports & antimicrobial time outs to best guide healthcare decisions
  • Electronic community specific mapping of infections for targeted staff education
  • Customer focused to maximize user efficiencies and robust reporting capabilities
  • Tracking/ trending staff illnesses

Matt Just, PharmD, BCGP

Director of Clinical Data Solutions

With his experience as a Senior Care Consultant Pharmacist, Matt brings a unique perspective to the table when it comes to CMS regulations. The antibiotic and infection control tracking software he spearheaded and co-developed is not only easy to use and survey ready but also is creating a technology precedent industry wide.

Christina Haeg, PTA

Quality Care Software Advisor

With 10+ years of healthcare experience, Christina is supporting the growth and deployment of Abxtracker to SNFs and ALFs. Working on a team grounded in patient care, she’s on a mission to help care providers implement this turnkey solution to infection control and antibiotic stewardship. Schedule a demo HERE

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